POLYESTER STRAP TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019

  • Strap 32×1.4-400 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 32х1.0-550 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 32х0.8-700 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 25х1.3-550 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 25х1.0-690 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)

Main kinds of strap (32, 25) end uses:

  • Strap 19х1.4-650 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 19х1.27-700 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 19х1-900 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 19х0.9-950 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 19х0.8-1100 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)

Strap (19) is often use in this kind of packaging:

  • Strap 16х1.0-1120 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 16х0.9-1250 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 16х0.8-1400 ТU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.5х1.0-1100 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.5х0.89-1250 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.5х0.8-1400 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.5х0.7-1750 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.5х0.6-1900 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)
  • Strap 15.0х0.6-2000 TU 22.21.42-001-70832765-2019 (Flat/Corrugated)

End uses of strap (16, 15):

Automatic packaging equipment

Automatic packaging equipment is a set of mechanisms and machines designed for primary or group packaging of various products.

Equipment used in packaging can significantly reduce the process cycle and the cost of the product it tackles. Modern mechanisms of this type demonstrate high performance, wear resistance, and versatility. There are many types of equipment that can quickly transform to serve different process needs. Most packaging machines are compact and can be used where it would be impracticable and economically unreasonable to deploy larger facilities. Reliability is among the top-priority qualities ensured during equipment production: every manufacturer tries their best to minimize the risk of damaging and deformation.

Packaging equipment is used in a host of terminal processes in industrial production. The main purpose is automating the most labor-intensive processes: dosing, packing, capping; forming a cardboard box, placing products into the box, taping the box; wrapping and shrinking the film, stacking products in group package (corrugated boxes, shrink-wrapped boxes, bags) on the transportation pallet; polyester-strapping the pallet. Along with packaging equipment, conveying equipment (conveyors, transporters) is also used—to relocate products across the production side and between packaging stages.

INVENT STRAP offers equipment for automatic packaging of any products. We are ready to supply you with automatic equipment that will automate the packaging process, facilitate the process cycle, and reduce the prime cost. Our certified specialists will install and set up automatic packaging equipment, teach you how to use it, tell about maintenance specifics, and always answer any questions.

Contact us and we will select equipment that will be optimal for products your enterprise manufactures.

PET strap machines

Electric plastic strapping machines

Electric strapping machines are instruments and tensing and bracing plastic straps during packaging; this is one of the state-of-the-art and high-performance packaging methods. Friction-stir welding packaging: the instrument rubs together plastic straps causing welding on the molecular level, ensuring strong and reliable bracing during packaging. High costs of manual-automatic strapping machines are compensated by convenience, saved worktime, and performance per unit of time, let alone saving costs on brackets and clasps used in manual packaging.

Combined devices for pet straps

As complex as manual mechanical polypropylene strapping machines (combined devices) may seem, they are very easy-to-use and convenient. Though it has lots of toggles, it does not make it harder to use it. Combined manual instruments cover three functions: tension, bracing, and cutting.

Our company can provide you with machines of any class. Call us and we will select an instrument for you, at a favorable price.

PET strap dispensers

A dispenser is a truck with PET strap mounts, which requires no much operator’s effort to relocate and use strapping bays. Dispensers are used in bays with the internal diameter of 406 mm, external diameter of up to 700 mm, and up to 300 mm wide. If a polyester strap bay is not fixed, it may uncoil accidentally.

The dispenser reliably fixes the bay on the drum, while the pulled end passes through the moving arm. When dispensing is halted, the drum stops automatically. In the upper part of the dispenser is a drawer for storing manual strapping tools and expendables (brackets, clasps, etc.). Therefore, the instruments are always at hand.

The dispenser wheels make it easy to transport the strap coil across the warehouse (even though a polyester strap coil weighs 20-23 kg). This device will significantly assist an operator in polyester-strapping different cargos.

Our company can provide you with dispensers of any class. Leave a request on the website or contact us at the numbers specified, and we will select the best option for you.

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